The Importance Of Reading

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“I like to think that I have a certain advantage as a teacher of literature because when I was growing up I disliked and feared book.” This quote came from Gerald Graff in his Disliking Books at an Early Age article. However, reading is a vital skill for success in todays society. Reading is such a vital skill because it is a way of communication, and communication is the key to success. Reading allows for development of the critical thinking process and helps to gain knowledge which gives many confidence and the ability to speak with others on select topics. It is reasonable to believe that reading may be hard, especially when the novel is over a subject that does not interest the reader. Reading may also be unappealing to those who are being forced to read and analyze information instead of just simply reading the text. Many times teachers do not explain to students what the deeper meaning in novels is, therefor students cannot develop an increasingly strong sense of critical thinking. However, reading becomes easier when the reader can relate to the characters or the main focus of the novel. Perhaps reading is not about how big a book is or the title of the book, reading is about critical thinking, comprehension, relationship, and ability. It is easy to read the words in a novel, however, there is a difference between reading and comprehending the text. Comprehending the novel means that the reader is able to find a deeper meaning in the text and understand why the

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