The Importance Of Reading

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The human being is said to have a natural thirst for knowledge and one way to quench this thirst is through reading. Reading does not only allow man to obtain knowledge and information, but it also broadens man’s experiences and serves as a vehicle in carrying out one’s work effectively and efficiently. It plays a salient role in almost every aspect of human endeavor in almost any field. Reading also makes us know about man’s creation, his achievements, his ideals, thoughts and aspirations including his hopes in the future. The growth of knowledge had been very rapid which simply implies that if we do not read, we are left behind in terms of significant information. Reading materials for this matter are, therefore, very helpful in keeping ourselves abreast of current community activities that can affect our lives, our families, and our country. Today, there are many available materials that cater to man’s reading needs and tastes like books, newspapers, comics, and other handouts that are informative in nature. Among the various reading materials, the book, as many writers pointed out, is still the most compact and portable device available for the storage and retrieval of information ideas. Roces stated that a nation of avid readers is an informed nation and an informed nation can make wiser decisions, initiate community programs, and value reasons, persuasion, morality, law and order above passion and violence. Reading is not going to bring instant prosperity and
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