The Importance Of Reading

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ABSTRACT: Readingis a fundamental lifetime skill and keystone for a child 's achievement in school. This paper highlights the Reading Comprehension Skills, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Padha Bharat Badhe Bharat in Elementary schools students in Telanagana State. Keywords:Reading comprehension skills, Schema theory, Elementary Schools, Telangana State INTRODUCTION Reading comprehension is a tool to students’ development in terms of reading and writing skills in classroom practices. It is the ability to gain knowledge of writing skills and critical reasoning.Lysenko and Abrami (2014)contented that reading comprehension is essential for the children academic and lifelong. It is also asserted to be “essence of reading”.According National Reading Panel (2000) posited three research data of Reading comprehension, which have the following themes: 1) Reading Comprehension cognitive process, developing of vocabulary and instruction. 2) Reading comprehension involves interactive processes, which is essential for development of reading skills in schools. 3) Teacher should be trained with better learning resources to enhance student Reading Skills. Reading comprehension skills is to comprehened and interpret the written material accurately. It is a skill that every child needs to learn and should be able to decode what they read and making connections between their prior knowledge and deeply understand about what has been read(Pressley & Allington, 2014). Crosson and Lesaux (2013) stated
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