The Importance Of Reading In Daily Life

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In my essay, I will discuss the change that has occurred over the past years when I was first able to read and write. When I was young in Elementary School starting in 4th grade I had difficulties reading and writing, I stuttered a lot and reading out loud was a hassle for me. I started to go to a class every day for an hour to help with my speech, for a few weeks it was still tough and I still had a lot of problems but later on I and my teachers could see a lot of change, I didn 't stutter as much, I could read so much better, starting on to 5th grade I was perfect at reading I didn 't stutter, I understood the words and what I was reading and I was in a 6th grade reading level, so I was one grade ahead of where I was supposed to be, I…show more content…
We don 't sit down and think about how much knowing how to read actually helps us day to day, it 's more than just knowing how to read and picking up a book and understanding the book we are reading. If we didn 't know how to read today we would not be able to do the things we do on a daily basis, Like using our phones, or playing video games, or using technology in general. Knowing how to read helps us a lot, in our daily lives. That 's why Students, Elementary students, even adults who have gone through school and college need to continue to learn and grow, words change, technology advances and knowing how to read and knowing how to have proper grammar. I couldn 't imagine the world with out reading and grammar, if we went one day without being able to read or even write, it would make life harder, Just because of how much we really use it, we always read day to day there is not a moment in life when we don 't read something or use our ability to read. So even though some hate reading so much it is one of the most important things when it comes to being well educated just because it is the one thing we use…show more content…
Just like I used to, I have a lot of trouble finding the right book that I honestly enjoy and can 't put down, when I would read constantly in middle school I could pick up any book and read it within a few days, but since I got older, Most books don 't appeal to me I haven 't found a certain genre of books that I have enjoyed, I feel like if I just pick up a book and just get through it push myself and read it I will eventually find a range of books that I enjoy. The only reason I want to start reading again in to expand my knowledge and its good to read simply because of how important it is day to day, we do it in school every single day and we do it when we don 't even realize it, it 's something that just comes naturally, something that we were taught to do. I have improved and I will continue to improve over the years, things will continue to get harder, the books will get harder, the words will become tougher to understand, but reading more difficult books with older words would help and makes my brain work harder to understand the book, There is so many things I can do to improve and become

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