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Reading is one important skill on which all other formal educational skill depends. If a child doesn’t learn how to read at an early age, most likely, he won’t learn to do so at all. And a child who doesn’t know how to read is unlikely to learn or perform other skills in school. Worse, school dropouts, unemployed and underemployed adults – these are usually the results of not being able to learn how to read. It is for these reasons that the researcher wants to make a study on teachers’ knowledge and practice in literature-based reading programs. She believes that all students must be guaranteed knowledgeable, skilled teachers who will motivate them and teach them how to read using a reading program that reflects the latest research on…show more content…
It requires a considerable amount of knowledge and skill that cannot be learned overnight. Demands are many. In this reading program, the teacher is the decision maker, the mentor and the coach. Her role includes planning themes, helping students activate prior knowledge, and support students in reading and responding to the literature in appropriate ways. She also plans and teaches mini-lessons using the literature as a model for helping students learn a needed strategy or skill. She serves as a model for reading and writing. She reads aloud to them and thus models language for them. Through shared writing, the teacher models all aspects of writing – grammar, usage, and spelling. She supports students with such activities as shared reading, literature discussion circles, and response activities. She also has to continually stimulate students’ interest in reading by presenting them with interesting literature; another is to expose students to as many kinds of texts as possible so that they can appreciate them and be wide readers. She is also tasked to interpret errors, give feedbacks, illustrate concepts and explain new ideas – all these a literature-based reading teacher must do, all the while keeping in mind the ultimate purpose of her teaching reading – so that students will learn, enjoy, and understand what they are

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