The Importance Of Reading In English

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A. Background In the 21st century, in the era of globalization which forces people to grasp on various foreign language especially English. English as communication language will be used intensively in many aspects in life, such as politics, social, technology, economy, information, and so on. These things make government especially in Indonesia put English subject as a curriculum into elementary until universe. In English there are four base aspects that must be mastered. Those are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All of the aspects have equal portion and did cohesively. The research that will be conducted is about one of aspects of English that is reading. According to Program for International Student Assessment (PISA, 2015 as cited in that Indonesia ranks 69 from 76 countries surveyed in reading skills. It is caused the research is about reading. Reading is one of important skills that need to be acquired by students. Reading according to Tarigan (1990: 7) is one of the processes that is done and is read by the reader to get the information from the author through words or oral. It means that reading is important to be mastered to get the information. However, in English teaching learning process, sometimes the teacher still used the monotonous and traditional method. teacher still use a handbook to teach the students without modifying the technique and method. Therefore, it makes the students feel bored and difficult in receive of a lesson
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