The Importance Of Reading In English

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The global need for communication and rapid advances in all branches of science and technology have made man realize that having a good command of other languages is a must. This requirement has created an impetus for further investigations into the study of language and thus great attempts have been made to find the most efficient and effective ways of learning and teaching such languages as English. For many leaners, reading is by far the most important of the four skills in a second language, particularly in English as a second or foreign language. Certainly, if one considers the study of English as a foreign language around the world, reading is the main reason why students learn the language. In addition, at advanced proficiency levels in a second language, the ability to read the written language at a reasonable rate and with good comprehension has long been recognized to be as important as oral skills (Eskey 1986). In short, without solid reading proficiency, second or foreign language readers cannot perform at levels they must in order to succeed. For at least three groups of learners, those in EFL context, those at advanced levels of proficiency and those with a need for English for academic purposes, effective reading in a second language is critical. Experts in second language education should be vitally concerned with approaches that can improve the reading skills of learners. Research on reading in a foreign or second language
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