The Importance Of Reading In English

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English language is an international and widespread way of communication between all countries and it is used as one of the main connection system among the societies. A large number of EFL learners educate in Iran because of different reasons like communicative purposes ,trading goals, and spread of English. Statistics shows that there are many primary and secondary school learners learn English in institutions and they try to improve their learning via different English instructional courses.To learn a language it is substantiated that all four skills should be emphasized and paid attention equally. Reading and writing are two of main skills in L1 and L2 language learning. McDonnell, (2006) defines reading as a decoding process for the purpose of extraction of meaning from written text. This process is done through interacting between reading 's constituent components which are, reader, text and this interaction, the writer encode a text, and reader read, interoperates, and comprehends the text in a decoding fashion. Enhancing reading ability in different views has been focused. (Block & Israel, 2005) supports this idea suggesting three advantages to improve reading skill: First; fluent readers are able to perform multiple tasks at the same time and they can recognize words while comprehend their meaning.The second reason is that the more reading the more learning happens. Learners will be independent readers and they will improve their learning
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