The Importance Of Reading Literacy: History And Understanding History

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My personal belief is that history and literacy are needed to understand history. In history, a person must be able to not just read it but understand it, and that is where the literacy or understanding is history come into play. Being able to read history is one thing, but when a person can apply that history to something else is when a person understanding coming into play because that person is able to have the competence or knowledge in a specified area. Reading literacy In history, there are many ways to “understanding” it, but reading history takes more than just reading it line by line to comprehend it. According to Chauncey Monte-Sano and Denise Miles states that students “ In reading historical texts, they often focus on the literal meaning of documents and miss intertextual reading strategies that would promote interpretive work” (Toward Disciplinary reading and writing in history 31) Teaching student how to read history and look at the bigger picture is what reading literacy is about; instead of looking at the big picture the students are only looking at the small picture. According to Reading Reconsidered “when you know a little about a topic going in, the text add more knowledge and detail to your framework- easily and naturally keeping your understand and building connections to existing knowledge while still leaving you enough processing capacity to be able to reflect on the nature of the ideas in the text” ( Lemov 113) What this quote is saying is that

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