The Importance Of Reading Mathematics

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Reading mathematics is not at all like from some other reading. Mathematics has its own language, has specific term for every symbol, every equation, every formula or literatures. Mathematics is unlike any other reading. The way literatures to be read vary on each area and the way it is used. Thus, teachers’ knowledge on the content and the ability to read literatures is a must (Bechervaise as cited by Carter & Quinell, 2012).
Accordingly, the capacity to read the content is one of the key parts of educating and learning mathematics which includes a top to bottom connection with the content. It is contended that when reading abilities are inadequate, various issues happen which prompt hindrance in learning (Callahan & Clark, 1988; Bender et al., 2008; Norris & Phillips, 2003 as cited by Imam et al., 2010).
Consequently, due to teachers’ lack of knowledge in the subject matter, the learning of learners was affected. Attorps, a teacher in University of Helsinki, have seen that numerous students at the college have issues with the comprehension of mathematical ideas and symbols. They can work with them however they can 't tell what they are doing, why they are doing particular procedures and what is the importance with numerical symbolism. A few worldwide reviews have likewise demonstrated that students at obligatory schools have lacks in algebra (Attorps, 2006).
It is also disturbing that Filipinos are discovered ailing in the capacity of basic mathematics. Look into studies
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