The Importance Of Reciprocity In Human Communication

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Reciprocity is like “give-and-take” interaction, it exchanges the value or service. For example, when I go to the convenience store, I buy something. When I buy, I give money to the shop, and the shop gives me what I choose as the reply. If this principle occurs in the human communication, they exchange not only the substance, but also immaterial, as the right. If this is a diplomacy, politicians exchange as adjusting the tax rate, building schools, or importing own skill. Secondly, the scarcity means the supply doesn’t satisfy the demand. Generally speaking, it is effective to stimulate consumers to gain it, as the more it have the scarcity, the more consumers try to get it, while it is sold. In the communication case, it works difficult as the diplomacy, as when negotiating with the North Korea, it isn’t easy or common as other countries for any countries, but it is rare for them, therefore the scarcity changes the opportunity. Thirdly, the authority is also important. It doesn’t mean what they negotiate, it relates who negotiates. The authority happens, with experiences, knowledge, or the academic history. For example, I’m the CEO of a company, and negotiate in a business situation. If the opponent is a freshman salesman, and obviously gets nervous, I can feel this is easy. On the other hand, if he/she was graduated from the Ivy school and MBA, and works in the top company as the Goldman Sachs, I naturally become nervous, and the value of negotiation totally differs.
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