The Importance Of Recruitee Responsiveness

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The foundation of organizations is the manpower- the employees. To ensure a productive environment, the employees need to be capable and passionate; but how do organizations find those kinds of people? While many people stress about which jobs to apply for, human resourcing stress over who to hire. Recruitment of employees is the process organizations go through to gather and select employees from a pool of applicants. The six routes companies can take when recruiting applicants are: advertising, employee referral, recruiters, agencies, walk-in interviews and the internet (Spector 2012). Each tool may interest a different demographic of people. Similarly, each organization may be looking for specific qualities, like diversity or prior skill,…show more content…
Thomas and Wise (1999) describe the importance of recruiter diversity, as it increases the likelihood of diverse respondents. However, job characteristics where found to be the primary factor to overall organizational attractiveness. While all applicants will be comparing their assets to the description that organizations provide, the opportunity for a significant increase in diversity relies on organizational representation of diverse. A woman will be more likely to be fond of an identical position in a company that is proudly diverse as opposed to a company that does not consider that significance of diversity and hires similar individuals. How organizations go about recruiting sets the foundation of productivity. The way they advertise and seek applicants for positions available will affect the quality of the interested individuals. Lyon and Newman (2009) conducted a study that included key words in the advertised job description that the organization was looking for in their applicants which in-turn would raise self-awareness and evaluation in the individuals before applying. The research found that certain key words like conscientious can have different effects on various racial groups, while words like stimulating can interest those with higher academic scores. This information can be important for organizations who may be advertising online. Because…show more content…
Despite the obstacles organizations may have to go through to attract quality applicants, the long-term product they can produce as employees will return the work back to the company. Technology has helped organizations by allowing their advertisements to be seen by millions of people per day. Unfortunately, this influx of applicants could hinder the process of separating quality applicants from underqualified ones. Contrarily, Spector (2012) explains that those who are referred by a current employee may be better informed and equipped for the job they are applying for. Regardless of the medium used to reach and advertise for occupational vacancies, the effort used to display and communicate diverse, empathetic, competitive and longitudinal positions is what will attract the highest quality of respondents. Once the pool of those interested and qualified for the job are collected, organizations can pick and choose the crème de la crème. The foundation that is set for recruiting is crucial, organizations should look for those who are qualified first, then ensure that there is an individual-organizational compatibility prior to hiring to ensure productive, long-term
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