The Importance Of Recruitment And Selection

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“Human resource management represents the design, development, and implementation of interrelated people management practices that influence how well an organization can attract job applicants, retain motivated and successful employees, and ultimately impact job performance and organizational effectiveness” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2007, p. 107). Some of the major functions of the human resource management, include, but are not limited to, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and evaluation. These functions are some of the major components that are essential for growth in any organization. These functions have been directly related to higher employee performance and added value to the organization (Pfeffer, 1994).
Employee Recruitment and Selection
The goal of employee recruitment and selection within HR is to attract qualitied applicants to an organization, categories those applicants to identify the most qualitied, and ultimately make and hiring and placement decision (Hargis & Bradley, 2011). Recruitment and selection are the first tiers in HR and if it is done incorrectly can greatly affect an organization in a negative way.
HR Recruitment
The first step in the HR recruiting practices is generating a strategy, and this is what drives the recruiting initiative. There are many methods employers use to attract applicants to an organization, the approaches they use will depend on the type of employee they are looking for. Using
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