The Importance Of Recruitment In Human Resource Management

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1.0 Introduction In the 21st century, Human Resources Management (HRM) is playing an important role in every industry and organizations because HRM relies humans to carry out daily routine. The one of the human resource management is recruitment. Recruitment is a process of attracting, selecting and appointing individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers and with appropriate qualifications, and encouraging them to apply for jobs within an organization (Mr. Ponusamy A/L Sinnasamy, 2016). Therefore, there are many organizations will use them to hire new blood such as graduates and unemployed in more formal ways and also more considerations taken when the organizations ongoing recruitments such as law issue and labor rights. Besides that, the process of recruitment can be carried in many ways, but most of the organizations will use almost the same way for recruitment. The differences between them are the requirement of the recruit position and will be depend on the candidate’s background. Other than that, recruitment will be used to encourage potential candidates to apply for the job available in the organization. It is very important to have a large pool of candidates so that the best-qualified candidates can be selected. Thus, I have found out some recruitment methods such as internal and external for existing employees in the 21st century through the journal that I’m researching. 2.0 Content 2.1 Definition of Recruitment First of all, as a human resource
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