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As we all know, universe has scarce resources so scarcity is the most concerned issue of humanity. When people seek a solution for this problem the term of recycling comes out. Recycle shortly means that collecting wasted goods then processing them to reuse in our daily lives. Recycling is not only about reducing the volume of wasted goods but it is also about decreasing the polluted areas and increasing the use of most of the wasted items. Wasted items can be defined as trash because it means that out of use so reusing or donating them extends the usage of trash. On the other hand, recycling frustrates limited resources from being wasted. By doing this, people
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Yet; almost all people might not be able to elaborate on its obvious benefits for them. Thereby, some researches have been conducted on these topics which help us to understand the real significance of recycling. In accordance with an article which belongs to Friends of the Earth about recycling, it preserves virgin materials, and so recycling saves energy. Since saving raw materials decreases the used energy for processing raw materials for producing. Additionally, recycling struggles with climate change and recycling protects animals’ habitats. To illustrate when people need more paper, they’ll destroy more woodlands. Thereby, people should attempt to reuse wasted goods and recycle them to decrease the amount of used raw materials because recycling reduces our effect on climate change. In spite of the fact that recycling requires some energy, this energy is far less than generating new product from virgin material. As this argument is verified by many studies including recent study done for the government-funded Waste and Resources Action Programmer (WRAP). The WRAP study assessed the relative greenhouse Gas savings associated with current UK levels of recycling for paper/cardboard, glass, plastics, aluminum and steel, and

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