The Importance Of Recycling Essay

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All my life I lived in Russia and when I was 13 I moved to Germany. There was such a big contrast between these two countries. The nature is different, the people are different, but the most thing that amazed me was that people in Germany are sorting the trash. Can you imagine? I was so surprised by that fact because in Russia we don’t actually do this. After a while of living in Germany, I used to separate the paper, glass or plastic. But does recycling make a difference?
To begin with, recycling is reducing the energy consumption. Such as by using recycled materials instead of new natural resources, many of the manufacturers can make the identical products with less energy and cost. However, if we do the products using the recycled materials, we reduce the need for untouched materials and save the energy required to produce and process them. Since the amount of energy, we save, by recycling is depending on what type of material we are recycling, almost all recycling processes save large amounts. In short, the large amount of energy is spent by recycling the unprocessed materials. Recycling reduces the need to consume energy, which is important for large production, such as refining. Since the used materials have already been cleaned and processed once; the second time is taking much less energy.
Secondly, it minimizes the global warming. I personally find it very important because if we can have even a little influence on our environment, I think we should try to do it.

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