Persuasive Essay About Recycling

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Generally, most people know they should be recycling, or at least are aware that recycling is better for the environment and is beneficial toward reducing global warming; and yet, despite knowing these things, too many people put forth no effort to recycle. The lack of efforts is obvious in many communities: with aluminum cans, paper scraps, and plastic bags littering park grounds and scattered along the sides of highways. It can also be noted that there are no convenient recycling centers in towns, and no programs that provide recycling services to residential households or commercial properties. While my community here in Kendallville, Indiana has a small recycling center, I believe the town is not meeting its full potential when it comes to the efforts it could put forth toward recycling.
Here in Kendallville, we have a recycling center located just off Main St, where recyclers will find color-coded smiley face bins
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Currently, Kendallville residents can drop of aluminum cans, glass bottles, #1 and #2 plastic bottles (this number can be found on the bottoms of plastic containers inside a triangle recycling symbol, which indicates the type of plastic the product was made of), newspapers, magazines, small batteries, and flattened cardboard. Not allowing bins to hold other paper products or other kinds of plastic drastically cuts down on what the community could be recycling. Despite there not being bins for these items, I often see the items showing up in the recycling center anyways due to neglectful or rather ignorant community members. The addition of these items can cause problems for the recycling facilities when collecting the recycled materials and separating them. Expanding on what community members can recycle will lessen the issues that both community members and recycling facility workers have when trying to
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