The Importance Of Reflection In Teacher Education

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The teaching profession naturally is context-based and full of uncertainty (Edward, et al, 2002; Murray, 1996) that a teacher has to entertain in a flexible and open-mind manner. That is why Larrivee (2006), Daloglu (2001) and Darling-Hamond (2006) claimed that it is almost impossible to manage all ‘learning engagements to teach’ at the time of training in the teacher education. Reflection, particularly critical reflection, helps learners to realize being experienced, innovator, participant observers, continuous experimenters, adapters, action researchers, problem solvers, clinical inquirers, self-evaluator, political craftsmen, etc. in such a way that it ensures continuous professionalism in teaching (Tom, 1985; Zeichner, 1983), which is useful to manage uncertainties in day to day teaching practices (Larrivee & Cooper, 2006; Edward, et al, 2002).…show more content…
So that it helps teachers to cope with the difficult aspects of the profession (Hatch, 1999; Lange & Burroughs-Lange, 1994) even in solving problems which experts/researchers cannot solve with theories (Schon, 1983).Therefore, it plays critical role in teacher education in yielding teachers that are eligible teaching practitioners through broadening and deepening the professional development of teachers (Zeichner, 1983; Korthagen, 2002; Estrada & Grady,

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