The Importance Of Refugees

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Refugees are an important topic in the media at the moment, mostly because of the increasing numbers of immigrants in various countries, but also because of the way they are talked about. Some people think that we use an excessive amount of negative and condescending words, when we talk about refugees. They believe it can be “dehumanizing” and suggests that we start using positive words about refugees, because that could change our view on them. Can a change in our language really change our perspective? The British reporter Adam Taylor addresses this issue in his article “Why the language we use to talk about refugees matters so much” published in The Washington Post on July 30, 2015. In his article Taylor makes his viewpoints very clear. “The way we talk about migrants in turn influences the way we deal with them, with sometimes worrying consequences.” Taylor believes that we talk poorly about refugees and that it influences the way we deal with them. Taylor explains that the reason we talk about them like that is the political influence. Most politicians talk about them in a way that many people find offensive. An example could be David Cameron for instance as said in the article. David Cameron was criticized for using the word “swarm”, because it is thought of as being “dehumanizing”. “…David Cameron told viewers that the French port of Calais was safe and secure, despite a "swarm" of migrants trying to gain access to Britain.” Inequality is also something that
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