The Importance Of Refugees In America

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The number of refugees has doubled since 1992 from 25 million to 40.3 million. Refugees are people who are forced to leave their home because of war, persecution, or natural disaster. Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Iran have a combined 9,379,400 refugees. Although many individuals believe that refugees are not beneficial to society, people should accept others from different walks of life because this country was founded on immigrants, they make communities safer, and refugee law are extremely successful when resettled.
While a number of people think that there should be stricter laws on allowing immigration, people often forget that the United States of America is based on immigrant families. According to a study, “Nearly half of the population of the United States can trace their roots to Ellis Island” (Restoration Training Center). This shows that, our nation would not be as prosperous and superior as other nations without refugees/immigrants because they make up the majority of the US. Consequently, if the Land of Opportunity does not continue to open its doors for people who are in need, there is a possibility that the US will not “grow” in its status as an exceptional nation. There are countless famous people who immigrated to the United States, such as Albert Einstein, Joseph Pulitzer, Mariano Rivera, and Sergey Brin (Fleischner). Therefore, without these immigrants coming into this country we would not have access to things that we use on an everyday basis.

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