The Importance Of Relations In International Relations

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KE and PRC had towards the end of the 1960s had diplomatic disputes resulting in a lack of interaction between the two parties. The diplomatic disputes were rooted KE’s decision to announce a ‘chargé d’affaires persona non grata’ in 1967, which resulted in an immediate interruption of the diplomatic relation to PRC (Morrison and Cooke, 2008, p.17). Furthermore, the strenuous relationship between the two nations resulted in the expulsion of the Chinese Ambassadors from KE, this move subsequently leads to a ‘charge d 'affaires’, among the nation’s five months after (Ibid, p.17). This meant that both nations were left with no “top-level representation”, contributing to a greater diplomatic divide, as the ties were not re-established for an additional 11 years (Ibid, p.17). It is evident the Sino-KE relations have not been maintained without any complications, as both nations had to undergo a long process of frequent state visits, to rekindle their diplomatic ties and re-establishing political, and economic relation that both considered were mutually beneficial for both parties (Ibid, p.17). KE and PRC had created conditions were “... confidence-building mechanisms” was believed to be the solution, their governments were subsequently delegated the task of developing relations between the two actors. In the initial period, it was a matter showcasing a strong political will towards rebuilding the diplomatic ties. Furthermore, PRC developed a ‘friendship agreement’ with additional

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