The Importance Of Relationship Abortion

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After the end of most relationships, there is usually at least one person who regrets the breakup and wishes for reconciliation. Because of this, there are just as many looking for reunion advice as there are looking for relationship breakup advice. And, no matter who is asked, there ends up being roughly 8 simple steps to winning your ex back. It should be go without saying that at no point should you ever harass or stalk your ex. It is illegal. It is emotional blackmail. And, if you succeed with it, it will only lead to resentment in your relationship later on. The first rule in reconciliation is to actually cease all contact with your ex. Do not call him or her. Do not write any letters. Don't 'drop by.' You want your ex to actually start…show more content…
Over time, your ex will begin to feel at ease talking to you. He or she may even start to ask if you miss him or her or if you wonder what happened to the relationship. Remember, remain nonchalant. Make sure he or she knows that you do in fact think about the past but are much more interested in what he or she is thinking about at this moment. Encourage the sharing of feelings. Make sure you LISTEN because it will help you to understand what went wrong in the relationship. And, always remember that the comfort zone should never be violated. If he or she wants to change the subject, then let the subject be changed It is important to remember that you never blame your ex for what went wrong. You should also never beg for forgiveness. Blaming and begging cast you in a depressed light and makes others very uncomfortable. The seventh step is to slowly evolve the contact with your ex from casual conversations to comfortable personal meetings or dates. By this time your ex will feel comfortable enough with you to meet for drinks or coffee. In fact, during these dates your ex may feel at ease enough to start talking about the past. Always make sure that you use I-statements, never put your ex on the spot, and never allow yourself to be walked over. Make sure that you let your efforts in personal improvement be known. This will assuage any fears that the same problems will develop should a new relationship be
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