The Importance Of Relationship In Long-Term Relationships

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“The factors that keep people liking each other in long-term relationships are at least in part the same as the factors that lead to initial attraction” (Stangor, 2014). Regardless of how long they have been together, people remain interested in the physical attractiveness of their partners, although it is relatively less important than for first encounters.
Relationships are also more satisfactory and more likely to continue when the individuals develop and maintain similar interests and continue to share their important values and beliefs over time (Davis & Rusbult, 2001). Proximity also remains important relationships that undergo the strain of the partners’ being apart from each other for very long are more at risk for
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They can be anything from the thing your fifth-grade sister has in between classes with the boy at the next locker over and the intense sexual experience you’re having with the guy you met on Tinder” (Martin, 2016).
Anyone can have a relationship, anyone can experience romance, anyone can experience their most beautiful love encounters, however, not everyone can be part of something completely and utterly dependent of itself. Not everyone can find something more stable than the people inside it. Not everyone can have a partnership.
Relationships are the building blocks to partnerships. “Relationships are those meaningful experiences you have with people that either die out or turn into something greater” (Martin,2016).
A relationship is supposed to be a partnering, and a relationship is something that cannot be rushed because you are going to end up with someone who isn’t your partner. People like to think that just because they know someone and love someone that their relationship can last the way a true partnership will.
Partnership and a relationship are two most different things. They are for couples who have waded their way through all the difficulty and landed on something stronger than just a relationship. “They are two people trying to make something together never just two people who don’t know how to be alone” (Martin,
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“It is ultimately about intimacy, pleasure and sexual expression” (Morales, 2017). Sex has many positive physical, intellectual, emotional and social benefits. We need to understand these benefits so that couples can recognize that sex in their relationships will not only help themselves, but help bond their relationship further and create a deeper sense of intimacy in a loving relationship. Where it’s a long term relationship or one that just started out, sex is important when considering the overall health.
“Physically, an active sex life may yield many benefits, including a youthful appearance due to better dietary habits and frequent exercise” (Morales, 2017). Sexual activity burns calories and fat, but can also cause people to live more healthy lifestyles in general. “People who have sex regularly were found to have higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA), which, according to researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, combat disease and keep the body safe from colds and the flu” (Morales,

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