Space Exploration: A Case Study

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Space exploration has become a main activity of science and technology communication between countries and in recent years, not only government attends to manage the space program but also some private companies such as Space X which are involved in space exploration. Bhaskara (2016) states that government should take the lead because it has the capability to help the long-term development of the space exploration but the other people believe private sectors should be charged to this because they could bring the new energy to space travel (Hudgins, 2016). Due to the rapid development of the private companies in space technology the leadership of space exploration has brought out public concern. This essay will argue that government should take…show more content…
Based on NASA’s budget in the past three years, the cost on space travel has risen by 4 million per year. In such circumstance, the government plays vital role because it can provide this large amount of money through several ways such as public income taxes, the government borrowing or adjusting and scheduling social wealth to help to build space program (Bhaskara, 2016). However, there are some opposing views about this argument. DeGroot (2009) believes that space travel is pointless and waste of money, because it is only an indicator for country to grow nation virility and the expenditure in space program was $17.8 billion in 2013 which nearly one half of one percent of the government federal funding but the cost did not receive the extraordinary achievement. According to Hanbury-Tenison (2014), the financial resource spend on space program could help to solve the existing general crises on earth such as global warming, hunger and environmental…show more content…
For instance, there is unlimited supply of valuable metals, minerals, and energy in space and short trip in space has also provided to public. Although this claim is popular, it neglects the complexity and diversity of space exploration. Space travel is filled with uncertainty and if any humanity could develop independently it will increase dangerousness of space exploration. In addition to the risk of space travel, without the organisation that similar government which has powerful controlling force, exploit space resources inappropriately will lead to the grater

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