The Importance Of Religion And Science

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It is tragic when people die because they cannot seek medical attention due to religious beliefs. Some people belief that if they fall sick the power of prayer can work magic and cure them. Science exists to provide solutions to such problems and should thus be separate from religion in that religion should not influence scientific work. Religion is a social institution which involves common beliefs and practices that recognize the sacred. The sacred are the things that inspire reverence and awe among the people. Religion separates the sacred from the profane (Durkheim, ). The profane are the routine aspects of people’s daily activities such as commuting, working, and paying of bills. Religion is characterized by rituals, the formal, ceremonial activities that recognize the sacred, for instance the Holy Communion in Christianity. Scholars like Stengers feel that if God exists and can interact with the physical world, then his actions should be observable, testable, and be falsified. He conclude that God and science are completely separate. Religion and Science Religion and science are imparted to an individual through socialization agents such as family, schools, peers, and the media (Schafer, 2014). The family play an integral role in the social development of a person. It is here that people get their initial religious orientation, as parents and the older members of the family influence and teach the young about religion. The school becomes the next agent that affirms a
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