The Importance Of Religion As A Guiding Light

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Religion as a guiding light Religion is like a lantern, it guides people when they have lost their way, Religion gives people light and hope in times of despair. It 's also gloomy how people often put religion aside due to progress and comfort. Some people have forgotten the importance and role of religion in the Society. Religion can be a guiding light if utilized in an efficient and proper way. Religion is often being criticized as a harbinger of war and entropy, However religion in its base form has provided a plethora of benefits to mankind. For the majority of people around the globe, Religion is a helpful tool that satisfies a variety of good motives, needs, and purposes. Religion can help form an identity that unites a group or community and can also create traditions in the arts and music. Religion can also be a cornerstone for uniform Identity. Throughout the course of History, Religion has been utilized to link various groups under one identity. A good example would be the Middle Eastern countries and the GCC nations. In the GCC countries, Islam is used to unite the citizens and provide a stable framework of pride for the nations. The organization of Islamic cooperation was established in 1967 with 57 founding member states. The organization of Islamic cooperation aims to safeguard the interests of the Muslim nations and also promotes international peace. Another excellent example would the Holy Roman Empire. Through religion, the various nations of the Holy

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