The Importance Of Religion In Bless Me, Ultima

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The Struggle to Understand
Religion can be defined several ways. Merriam-Webster dictionary offers four different definitions of religion (Merriam-Webster). The second definition is, “a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices" (Merriam-Webster). Religion is a strong characteristic of rural. Rural communities are often large and sparse; however, despite the many miles between places, there is usually a common bond. Most rural communities offer at least one place of worship. It is a common ground for most of the community. A place people can express their beliefs and have a shared practice. In Bless Me, Ultima, religion is a recurrent theme. Tony deals with trying to understand his Catholic
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While the story of the pagan god seems far-fetched, Tony finds himself caught up in the mystery of it. The golden carp is a story known only to a few; only a select few people can see it. Cico asks Tony to believe the golden carp is a god, however, Tony does what he feels is right and recites the Lord’s commandment that “there shall be no other gods before me” (Anaya 107). Tony struggles to separate his Catholic teachings and desire to see the pagan god. He wants so badly to believe that there could be a god that is beautiful and forgiving. Tony has the privilege to see the beautiful golden carp. He feels he has witnessed a miracle. “And then a sudden illumination of beauty and understanding flashed through my mind. This is what I had expected God to do at my first holy communion” (Anaya 114). Tony’s is having his first real feelings about a power different from his Catholic God, even though, he feels that he has sinned by just seeing the vision of the golden carp. Tony, though doubtful, is still holding true to the fact that his God will still come to him and offer His answers when he takes his first holy

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