Religion Has No Place In Government

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Religion has no place in Government Thesis Statement: Religion has no place in the Government because we do not live in a theocracy without requiring to have a Religious Experience, and Religious virtue. That religion has no place in government is both a positive and normative statement, by which I mean it can be read both ways: as either a statement of fact, that there simply is no place for religion in government; or as a statement with moral intention, that there ought to be no place for religion in government. These two readings are related but not the same. They are related both because whether something is so is no argument for its being so, and because, things that are nonetheless often carry moral inertia, and justify themselves by their being. So it’s worthwhile to consider the two propositions apart.…show more content…
Yet, if my moral are influenced by my religious beliefs, and I vote according to my morals, I don't really see a way to separate the two. However, I don't see the harm in this. After all, most people vote according to their moral beliefs, all of which are influenced by something. Is mine really worse than yours because it is instigated by a religious tradition. Many hugely admired and respected public figures have been religious; many widely ridiculed and feared ones have as well. Religion in and of itself does not decide a politician or voter's self-worth or value, or even their stances on policy. Yes, God has no place in government, but that doesn't mean that religious people are automatically bad
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