Analyze The Role Of Religion In English History

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Religion has been a key point on history, not only in Europe but all around the world too. It has influenced people’s mindset which can be still clearly seen nowadays for example the pro-life campaign or the people again divorce, that are mostly religious. Traditions like Christmas or Easter now are greatly celebrated all over the world every year. Many people still go to church each Sunday and one of the most important figures in the religious panorama and in the world in general is the Pope. Religion also represents a whole philosophy of life which conditions the followers of that religion and as we all know it even causes wars. As I said before, religion is really important so that’s why we can have a clearer point of view of British society and identity if we analyze it through the history.
At first, in the prehistorical era, the British had their own religion with their own gods, mostly based in nature, but after many centuries the Romans brought Christianity, first evidence being in 180 AD. Three centuries later the Celtic religion appeared in England thanks to the German Saxons that invaded it and soon the new religion expanded to Scotland, Wales, Ireland and small areas of England. The early Church of
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Before the Reformation the church had been seen as placating God on behalf of the entire people, an organic community, and after it has been seen as associations of individuals whose souls had the correct beliefs and got together with fellow believers. The consequence of the Reformation in the UK was a Catholic majority in Ireland, an almost Protestant state church in England and Wales, a popular Protestant state church in Scotland; and a very large number of dissenting Protestant sects, all this explained
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