The Importance Of Religion In Medieval Times

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From the conversion of England to the Renaissance, nothing seems to have impacted the medieval times more than religion. Starting with the conversion of England, you can see how important religion was and how much the conversion changed the societies back in the medieval period. The Crusades were also important because the Pope and the Church used the idea of penance to get believers to fight for them and try to reclaim the Holy Lands. While the different inquisitions in Europe may not have been as large or as gruesome as people believe they still changed many lives and caused the deaths of many people because of suspicion over their religious beliefs. Christianity also affected the arts throughout the medieval times including architecture and artwork dedicated to the Church. While there were many reasons that the medieval period was…show more content…
Conversion throughout England took centuries because it was hard to convince everyone that this was the right path for him or her. The conversion of the English was important because it gave the Pope power over the English and influenced their beliefs and everyday life. In the medieval times religion was a vital part of everyone’s lives. People would pray and attend church every daily and many laws and rules were enforced by the church. In The Ecclesiastical History of the English People you can see how dedicated people were to their faith such as when King Oswald stopped before a battle to pray “Thereupon he raised his voice and called out to the whole army, ‘Let us all kneel together and pray the almighty, ever living, and true God to defend us in His mercy from the proud and fierce enemy; for He knows that we are fighting in a just cause for the preservation of our whole race’” (Bede 112). After the battle many in King Oswald’s army believed they had won because of his devout
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