The Importance Of Religion In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is a country that has come extremely far with regards to their moral compass. As a country, Saudi’s truly take pride in their religion above anything else. In fact, everything from their economy, political system, and even legal systems revolves around their religious practices and beliefs. That being said, it can be assumed that religion in the country most sacred and taken most seriously in the eyes of Saudi Arabians. Sunni Islam is the state religion for Saudi Arabia and many Saudi’s are Muslim (McGuigan). There is no technical law that restricts Saudi’s from practicing another religion of their choice however; it is socially frowned upon (McGuigan). In fact, according to the Sharia law that is practiced in Saudi Arabia, when Saudi’s are caught practicing another faith, they may be arrested, imprisoned, or even sentenced to death (McGuigan). The King is in charge of upholding the religion and regulations set forth in the country. However, there are still some times that he and the royal family fail to do so and are heavily criticized for it. Nonetheless, the country still has a lot of national pride and love for their country.
Saudi Arabia’s national pride has finally been taken seriously in the eyes of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia even holds a celebration on the anniversary of their foundation to keep up the national spirit. Reforming, the Kingdom has also finally opened up the celebration to women and including them in the festival (Kalin). This festival

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