The Importance Of Religion In Schools

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Why Religion is important for a globalised market My main focus point for this paper is to see the benefits of why religion should be taught in schools. Many people agree that religion is a waste of time but I’m going to show that it is necessary to teach religion due to educational purposes but not necessarily preached by the students. Religion plays a major role in intercultural competencies, communication of the world and culture and the education of major religions are important for successful communication in international relations between the world. Religion is such a diverse subject and it has many links with other areas like politics and history which create the society in which we live in today. Many people fail to recognise how much power religion has, as Kirby points out, that it is perhaps more important today than ever before that the 'political influence of religion, its role in the international arena and in the hearts and minds of men ' should be properly understood.(p. 21) History is another important influence on today’s society. Religion plays a vital role in many of the wars which we have had whether it been communism or catholic vs protestants. The vast majority of the terrorism that is going has some connection to religion. But one war in particular which is taught in the classroom is the cold war, which was one of the most religious wars and for children to understand the main reason for these wars it is necessary for them to be taught religion in
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