Power Of Religion Essay

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Religion can be defined as beliefs and sentimental values of a particular community in a society. These beliefs trace their origins from the ancient texts present in that community. These texts generally contains about the deities and gods in the historic era. These texts portray the mythological deities and gods with supernatural powers and how the earth was created by the almighty using these powers. Almost each and every religious texts talk about their god and how their god created this world and human beings. We can get a generalized idea that these texts talks about the creation of the universe and origination of each and everything from the almighty. There are 19 major religious groups in the world which are subdivided into 270 large religious…show more content…
Hence there was a need of an entity which could be considered as almighty and powerful so that no question of authority arises. We can also say that there was a need of fear of the almighty to control human behavior. This was the best option available at that time to create a sustainable society. This can be an origin to the term religion. Due to this superficially created power of religion even the ruler of the community feared from doing anything against the religion. This religious rules and regulations were created keeping in mind the need of the society and rules and regulations required to support all members of the society, and this can be a possible reason that why in each and every religion to help the poor and needy is considered as pious. The religion created a fear for welfare of the society, people feared from doing anything wrong as they believed that if they commit any crime they will be punished by the gods. This thing even gave birth to the concepts of heaven and hell. It is believed that if you commit no wrong and act according to your religion, performing all the rites and ceremonies then you will go
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