The Importance Of Religion In South Africa

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Religion has been the focal point of humanity for many years. It was seen as a tool necessary for human flourish – on the contrary, however, the opinion of the modern society refute the very belief that religion is even seemingly necessary to provide solutions that are ‘for the common good of all the people of Africa’s pluralistic society.’
The essay will take a look into the nature of religion, and the challenges faced in society, the modern day secularism and philosophical ideas of diversity according to the constitutional governance, particularly in the African continent. The critical discussion will point out the reasons why religious affiliation with the law should never be, or otherwise the importance of this affiliation and the implicated effects and consequences that arise as a result.
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This indicates a valid reason why all people are free and therefore deemed to be treated equally – the argument is that ‘standard’ dictates the manner in which civilization should thrive; but what happens to the marginalized or those not affiliated with any agenda seen as being necessary?
The law, particularly the Constitution of the republic of South Africa in the modern society, has served as the key of liberation for all; it clearly and unambiguously claims that there is no universal standard by which all cultures – in the concept including religions – may be judged, thus analysis of symbol, practise, opinion, culture, religion or thought in a comparative manner is not

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