The Importance Of Religion In The United States

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“no religious outlook or Weltanschauung, can enjoy a privileged status, let alone be adopted as the official view of the state” I found this passage noteworthy because it demands that no religious outlook be put before another, but that is exactly what happens and has been happening, all these years. I would like to say that I think the reason there is such a lack of equality with different countries and “cultures” and why we are in constant war is because of this exact reason; religion. Most religious people always think their religion is better than another persons and this causes conflict. The countries laws reflect their religious views in the morals that they choose to have. If religion wasn 't such a big concept would we find peace between different cultures and countires?…show more content…
The united states is off and on on how they use or “believe” in religion. It is stated that you have the freedom to religion and whatever religion you would want, but that religion isn 't incorporated into the government and law ‘officially’ but there are so many ways that they do incorporate religion. It was mentioned earlier in the essay that they use religion for prison and taxes and etc. However to use religion for something like that you must use a specific religion which I believe most Americans are catholic and so most catholic morals are used in our laws and taxes. The inconsistency is annoying and not professional for what they aim for. Should religion be attached to
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