The Importance Of Religious Identity

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An individual in the wider spectrum of the society defines himself by his specific identity as it plays a major role in the thoughts, actions and orientation of a particular individual existing in both the public and the private life. It can be defined as the ‘condition of sameness’ with other individuals and something that would continue over time and space. This essay explores the construction of identity, in particular religious identity. I would take the case of Sikhism and its construction over the years and the way in which the identity has been changed by reinterpreting the religious ideals. I would start from the origin of the religion providing details about its rituals and ideals. The next part focuses how religion constructs the identity over time, and the threats perceived by the followers. My main focus is the huge correlation between the protection of religious values and identity and how the followers of one religion overlap the two. It becomes difficult to know whether they are protecting their religion or the identity which is constructed due to religious values. A large number of social scientists have provided various theories in relation identity and its formation. The most significant among them is George Herbert Mead. According to him ‘the self’ is made out of a number of identities and the self is constructed through social interactions through the means of language, play and games. He introduces the concept of ‘ME’ and ‘I’ where ‘me’ is the social

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