The Importance Of Religious Superstitions

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In addition, some of the villagers consider that building the toilets at the time of festival is inauspicious and halt the construction, as the God would get disturbed amidst the festival moods because of the stinking toilets. Moreover, the same people had spent Rs. 8000/- for the village religious festivals. But they are not ready to invest the same for a hygienic toilet and they wash out sanitation. In addition, census shows that in Namakkal district 60% of the rural population and 44% of the total population defecate in the open (The Hindu- 6 May 2013). Therefore, the superstition degrades a man equal to an animal. These traditional superstitions when associated with religion create religious superstitions. 2.2.3 Religious Superstitions Religions and superstitions are bound together for centuries as religion alone holds the power to influence the psychology of the believers on anything proclaimed under its banner. Religious superstitions are costlier than traditional and personal superstitions and it involves witchcraft, sacrifices, ghost hunts, sorcery, etc. The persistent struggle to comprehend the heaven and earth laid the path for supernatural beliefs, cultural taboos, ritual practices to conciliate the furious Gods who are destined to control the existence of earthly beings. For e.g. a widely held half belief is on a full moon day, there is an increase in rate of crime, suicides and psychic illness (Banyal 2012). Civilisations of ancient India by Kosambi (1964)
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