The Importance Of Religious Symbols

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A religious symbol is an iconic representation intended to represent a specific religion, or a specific concept within a given religion. Although there are many religions and religious symbols in the world, most popular religions that people generally convict are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Accordingly the main symbols are Star and Crescent, the Star of David and the Cross. These religious symbols are used all over the world by a great number of people. Also, a respectable number of authorities use religious symbols in government level. According to Pew Research analysis, 64 of 196 countries over the world have religious symbols on their flags. (A. Theoderou (2014) However in our modern world, in a lot of societies these religious are banned by the authorities because of different reasons. Despite religious wearing and symbols are requirement of religions, usage of all these symbols depends on the opinions and choices of individuals, so people have their right to use them. Although, in particular cases there ought to be some limits to the external expression of faith, authorities should be lenient on the usage of religious symbols. First of all, religious symbols make people to feel comfortable. Many individuals consider that religious symbols protect them from different problems. For example, my mother wears an Islamic amulet and she gives a great importance to it. In her point of view, this amulet protect her from accidents and she feel safe.

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