The Importance Of Religious Terrorism

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“Terrorism” in the name of religion has become the main purpose for political violence in today world politics. Is not only because of nationalism and ideological purpose it remain as potent catalysts for extremist behavior. Now a day’s religious extremism has become a central issue around the world. In the contemporary religious terrorism has increased its occurrence, scale of violence, and global reach. At the same time, a comparative deterioration has occurred in secular terrorism. The old ideologies of class struggle world had experienced such as anticolonial liberation, and secular nationalism have been challenged by a new and dynamic infusion of sectarian ideologies. Common radical support for religious violence has been most widespread among populations living in repressive societies that do not permit demands for reform or other expressions of dissent. What is religious terrorism? What are its fundamental attributes? Religious terrorism is a form of political violence inspired by an unqualified confidence. Other word we can say - power has sanctioned—and commanded—“terrorist violence for the greater glory of the faith. Acts committed in the name of the faith will be forgiven by the otherworldly power and perhaps rewarded in an afterlife. In essence, one’s religious faith legitimizes violence as long as such violence is an expression of the will of one’s deity”. During the 19th century political terrorism and small group of insurgents started to attack nation
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