Fascist Rhetoric Analysis

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Fascist rhetoric was a great piece that represents renaissance, part of Italy’s rebirth. This popularity of renaissance art was exploited to advertise the Fascist to be presented (Bedarida 2012). Aristotle claimed that human nature in action is the focus that a painter and poet imitate to represent a true Italian painter of Renaissance painting that has the quality of being ancient and having an essential plot of tragedy in content. He said that it is not enough for a painting to have a beautiful smeared of colors, this not enough to please viewers to their likings without any outline behind it (Bedarida 2012). Renaissance was all about humanistic in nature, relating it to paintings and poetry that imitates perfectly nature around us (Shannon…show more content…
Alberti, Visari, Raphael, and Leonardo, known list of Renaissance artist, was an advocate of Aristotle’s idea of ideal imitation and proclaimed that painting, as Lee phrases, “Rises above the mere imitation of things with direct experience to nature (Shannon 2005). The ability of poet to visualize images of nature in his/her thought and the ability of a painter to transform the images, painting it into a canvas, was most closely linked the two arts (Shannon 2005). Ludovico Dolce applies his own ideas of ideal beauty to Aristotle's idea stating that artists should use a perfect beauty as model or, if a perfect beauty cannot be found, imitate ancient classic art(Shannon 2005). Horace that relates poetry and drawing, these two can be relevant because it can be applied to paintings. He claimed through observation that a true poets knows their subject very well by observing and experiencing them. As an artist would observe a live model and a poet experiences the spoken word. From C. H. Sisson’s translation of Ars Poetica comes the verse, “Yet you cannot draw except from the living model /And the poet must learn to write from the spoken word.” These truths suggest drawing from a live model, mentioned; support greatly Aristotle’s idea that nature should be imitated focus of an artist (Shannon

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