The Importance Of Renewable Energy In Myanmar

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Renewable Energy in Myanmar Introduction Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources such as solar, wind, Hytro, Biomass, Tidal, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Bio-fuel and Biogases . Renewable energies are promoting diverse and important low carbon domestic energy source with no greenhouse gas emission. Renewable energy is essentially for Myanmar to build the better quality of life for people and economic development. It is the basic requirement to improve the economy and ability of the people. Renewable energy could be able to predict for future sustainable developments and poverty reduction in Myanmar. Therefore, Myanmar is searching some types of renewable energy based on energy security, economic efficiency, environment and safety concern, especially on wind, solar, biomass, bio-fuel, biogases and hydro power. In this paper, I would like to express about how Myanmar secures the purchase of renewable energy especially in biofuel, biogas and mini hidro power because, they are more reasonable and flexible with country’s current situation. It is effective way for economic, enviromental and social benefits for rural people including improved domestic energy security, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, employment generation, life cycle, cost-benefit, and poverty reduction in Myanmar. Furthermore, I would like to explain about how important of technology assistance, training and education are essential needs for using method of renewable energy. On

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