Renewable Energy Research Paper

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Register to read the introduction…Renewable energies are promoting diverse and important low carbon domestic energy source with no greenhouse gas emission. Renewable energy is essentially for Myanmar to build the better quality of life for people and economic development. It is the basic requirement to improve the economy and ability of the people. Renewable energy could be able to predict for future sustainable developments and poverty reduction in Myanmar. Therefore, Myanmar is searching some types of renewable energy based on energy security, economic efficiency, environment and safety concern, especially on wind, solar, biomass, bio-fuel, biogases and hydro…show more content…
Biogas produces enriched organic manure, which can supplement or even replace chemical fertilizers. It leads to improve the environment, sanitation and hygiene. It provides a source for decentralized power generation. Household wastes and bio-wastes can be disposed of usefully and in a healthy manner. The technology of biogas is cheaper and much simpler than those for other bio-fuels, and it is ideal for small scale application. Biogas plants give the environmental benefits on a global scale. Biogas plants significantly lower the greenhouse effects on the earth’s atmosphere. The plants are lower methane emissions by entrapping the harmful gas and using it as fuel. The present situation of Myanmar, biogas plant model is the best way for rural area development, no need to depend huge investment, easy to develop the rural people life style, well being, no effect to environment, low costs, efficient and easy to use and matain, help the families for cheapest way to use biogas energy for cooking, heating and light. Nowadays, most families in the rural area of Myanmar start to use biogas for cooking and lighting. By using biogas, each house saves 4 tons of firewood and each biogas plant also produce 5 tons of fertilizer per year, which farmers use to improve their crop yield .…show more content…
In Myanmar, renewable energy can give environmental, social and economical benefits and sustainable development such as clean air, no greenhouse effect and lesser net carbon emissions, more reliable energy source, development , social well being, economic development and jobs creations. Among many types of renewable energies, Myanmar has to formulate more in mini hydro, biogas and biofuel power plants. Because, they could be supported the cheaper energy price, easy to distribute the villages, no need huge investment, less amount of maintenance fees and reduces the costs. Myanmar need to formulate the research and development activities of various agencies to improve biofuel and biogas production efficiency and product quality. Myanmar need to establish more small and medium-scale biogas and biofuel plants especially in rural areas. It is the best way for rural development and poverty reduction.
In addition, government carry out awareness program targeted at policy makers, government officials, enterprises, social workers, consumers producers, and people at District Development Committee and Village development committee

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