The Importance Of Renewable Energy

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Electricity regarded as the most useful and clean source of energy. In modern era power demand is a serious issue. On analysis of the power system and the re, there are new methods now through which energy can be harnessed. A small wind-hydro pumped electric system can be an adequate replacement. It can be an excellent method of harnessing renewable energy from small rivers, streams and also the wind breeze in that region. The small hybrid project is designed to be a run of river type, with small reservoir for pumped storage facility and to ensure sufficient water flow in order to power the turbine. The water flows through the turbine and back into the river or stream or else pumped to the main reservoir and if in excess it can be used for…show more content…
Renewable energy are considered to be important in improving the security of energy supplies by decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels and in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The viability of isolated systems using renewable energy depends largely on regulations and stimulation measures. Renewable energy are the natural energy re that are inexhaustible, for example, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and small hydro generation. Among the renewable energy , small hydro and wind energy have the ability to complement each other.

In a location with enough average wind speed and a suitable area for wind turbines, wind pumped storage system is a good combination with a hydro power plant. If it seems profitable to use wind turbines to produce power for pumps to pump water to an upper reservoir, and to make it reusable for hydro power plants, the next step would be to design such a system and implement it. In the case of grid connected systems using renewable energy , the total active power can be fed to the
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The actual power of the wind turbine depends on the efficiency of the turbine represented by Cp (λ, β) which is the function of the tip speed ratio (λ) and pitch angle (β). The tip speed ratio (λ) is defined to be the ratio between the turbine speed and the wind speed, and is given by

(λ) =wR/v where is the turbine angular speed, and R is the radius of the turbine. Therefore, the actual power captured by the wind turbine is given by P =1/2Cp(λ, β)ρAv3 Then, the torque of the wind turbine could be expressed as T = P ω

The electrical power is given by: Pe = η.P Figure 3.2 shows the Cp - λ characteristics for the different values of β. From the figure, we may observe that for a fixed pitch angle, a maximum Cp is achieved when the tip speed ratio is at the optimal value (λopt). Recall Eq.(3.4), for a given wind speed (v), to achieve the maximum Cp, then the rotor speed should be maintained to the optimal speed (ωopt). When the wind speed changes, the rotor speed and the power captured by the wind turbine will change. According

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