Whitney Houston's Reputation

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To begin with, building up a Reputation is a complex process. It may take up to several years to build up a good Reputation that is highly acknowledged and widely known. However, what is understood under the word “Reputation” anyways? Reputation is how a person is seen among different groups of people. On the other hand, Reputations can also represent that of an Organization or a Social group for instance. Reputations can be good or bad, which usually depends on particular actions that are taken. Whether it is by a person, an Organization or something else. The word “Reputation” can also be interpreted as the beliefs or opinions that are held about something or someone. In the World of the rich and famous, Reputation is everything. It is…show more content…
As you can tell from the previous paragraphs, she was admired, respected and someone very important not only in the world of Music, but also in the heart of every person. She inspired Women and thought them how to stand up for themselves. However, we can also tell, that fame and money are not everything. As the saying goes, “Money cannot buy happiness.” – (Rousseau 1750). This could not be more accurate for this one. I firmly believe that, Whitney was happy with her position as a singer and Diva, but it was not enough to make her a happy person. She was not allowed to be with the one she loves, in order to fit in and not to ruin things for herself. Her husband, Bobby Brown was not a helping hand and definitely not the soulmate of her life. Which caused her downfall and her sad life to come to an end. To come to conclusion, in my point of view, Whitney Houston’s tragic life also reminds us to not judge a book by its cover. You can be smiling all the time, laughing with your friends, but deep inside you’re a complete mess. You never know what the person next to you is going through, or what led them to be the person that they are today. Always be kind, help others and be who you want to be without being afraid of others judging you, to live the happy life you
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