The Importance Of Research Philosophies

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In any research process, it is very important that the researcher to understand the research philosophies or the paradigms that contributes and adds to research quality and creativity Easterby-Smith et al (2012). With similar view, the knowledge of epistemology and ontology is critical in addressing research philosophies. This is because the ontological and the epistemological positions of the researcher influence his or her choice of what data to collect, how to collect and analyze the data, the meanings to make the data, and the extent of the generalizability of research findings.

Given these three points, the first point as proposed by Easterby-Smith et al (2012) understanding the research philosophies helps the researcher to highlight and specify the best suitable methods for the study at hand. This includes identifying the source of data; types of data needed for the investigation, answering the proposed questions and, also help the researcher interpreting the findings of the research.

The second point is focused on having insights into the research paradigm which helps the researcher to have the foreknowledge of possible research limitations pertaining to the research methodology employed.

The third proposed importance of research philosophies by Easterby-Smith et al (1997, 2012), is having knowledge of the best research paradigm creates room for innovative and creative thinking in selecting and adapting methods that the researcher has no idea about.
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