The Importance Of Resilience In Sports

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Before reading this book I never thought about resilience in a different way than in sports. The softball coaches here talk a lot about being resilient in our sport. Softball is a game of failure if you get on base 50% of the time you are considered a great hitter. This word is in my everyday vocabulary, but not in the way the book has used it. I do not think the definition of this word changed for me, but I think the context in which the word is used was different for me. Instead of just thinking about how I need to be resilient while I am playing softball, I have thought about the ways I need to be resilient in everyday life. I see resilience as a well-known quote from a Japanese Proverb, "fall down seven times, get up eight." To me, resilience is adapting to adversity and overcoming hard times. I enjoyed how the book included that resilience is not a fixed personality trait and that it is a life-long activity. I have never thought of it in that way and it was an interesting way to describe it, but in my opinion, it is true. We are not born with a trait to be resilient, we have to learn it throughout our experiences in life. There are many different times in our life where we have to be resilient without even consciously thinking about it. This book was extremely helpful for me because I got to learn a new approach to being resilient through the things that happen in my life. This book got me thinking about my own life and how I have had to go to option b…show more content…
The quiz asked a series of yes and no questions and then had an explanation depending on how many of the questions I answered yes to. The results showed that I definitely have adversity in my life and to follow it gives tips to help in being resilient. It would be interesting to see how different people answer the questions and how the different suggestions help or do not help different
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