The Importance Of Resistance In Literature

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The social object identified as human, does not have existence or significance without language, which represents a means of interaction and understanding amongst individuals. The more complicated human affairs and sensations are, the more transcend the linguistic form used to express them. Literature is the epitome of language; as it is the language in its most enhanced form to express the concerns and concepts of man in the most premium styles. Hence, literature is a tool to express oppression and resistance, as humanitarian issues. Regardless the unreasonable factors that lead to the presence of oppression among the human race members, oppression occurrence is intensely bracketed with resistance; as a result. Resistance does not do itself isolated from its surroundings or disconnected from its circumstances, but attached to its particular situation, which is the form of oppression caused it. This does not mean it is related to the social, political, or global conditions, as resistance is the spontaneous reaction issued by oppressed people in unexpected times. Sometimes these people are in their weakest intellectual, political and social conditions, and resistance becomes to be their motivation engine. It also becomes their means and target –at the same time- agreed upon by everyone in times when people disagree on everything. Resistance literature is a device of objection for defenceless people. It is a significant tool of enabling the repressed by
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