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Today, nothing can function without respect. Respect is the glue to our society without it our world would be a mess. To respect someone means to feel a deep admiration for someone because of their abilities. If no one had respect, we would not have a healthy and great nation like we have today. Respect makes people feel safe, confident, disciplined, and loyal. Without respect no one would obey anyone, people would only listen to themselves, and nothing would get done. A society is “an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes” ( For a society to function properly, everyone needs to have equal respect for each other.
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If we have respect for ourselves, then we would not let other people take advantage of us. Whenever we do not have respect for ourselves, we would not have confidence and love ourselves. Self-respect is when you know how you should be treated by other people and yourself, and you do not tolerate people who depreciate them. Nowadays, anyone who does not respect themselves has usually held themselves lower than their peers. They think that everyone is better than their self and they typically belittle themselves too. All our influential leaders needed to gain respect from their peers to get elected and share their ideas. The leaders had to earn our respect by respecting the people 's decisions. Leaders that lost peoples respect usually were questioned or challenged for
their positions. Respect is what created the nation that is fundamentally and economically more stable than most countries. This is why we need a connection, respect, to hold our society together.
"The only society that works today is also one founded on mutual respect, on a recognition that we have a responsibility collectively and individually, to help each other on the basis of each other 's equal worth. A selfish society is a contradiction in terms." (Blair). Therefore, today in society, respect is pivotal for it to function
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