The Importance Of Respect Other People's Friendships

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“Respect other people 's feelings, it might mean nothing to you but everything to them.”-unknown. Respect is like a glass cup if I break it, it can never be completely fixed. Having admiration with friends, having kindness, having Gratitude are some of the main things. Having these things with my friends, family and even strangers help make our world a better place. We need these things in our lives so our society doesn 't fall apart. Admiration is a big part of my friendships and, I would not be where I am today without it. Admiration is where people are respected and are worthy of people . If I was unrespectful to people, People would not want to be my friend. I would be disliked because I did not treat them well. If I did not have Admiration in my life I would not be respected. People would not want to be nice to the person who treats them like trash. Our schools have respect, like when I do as I am told and help the teacher do stuff around the classroom, I respect them and don 't destroy things. Admiration and kindness are a huge thing in society. Kindness is another thing that helps our society function. Kindness if when I am thoughtful and nice to people, animals and things because of my choice. I don 't have to do these things, but I chose to. I like to help animals, I will help them if they are injured or sick, or if they just don 't have a home. If I did not have kindness in my life I wouldn’t have any of the animals I have today. Doctors, nurse, and vets have

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