The Importance Of Responsible Government In Canada

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“Let us be French, let us be english, but most importantly let us be Canadian.” This is a quote by John A. Macdonald from about 150 years ago and he was the first Prime Minister of Canada and had a political career which spanned for almost half a century. He also set a legacy that keeps our country together and united. One of the major events that happened that I will discuss is responsible government because it was a big part of history, was important to the people and it was an executive or Cabinet that would be dependent on the support of an elected assembly. But even before responsible government was created there was a lot of conflict between the British and the French which led to a few important events. These important events had an impact on the governments and border changes. These changes were important because it led into the country Canada, we live in today. The four main events that happened were The War of Spanish Succession, The Seven Year War, The Constitution Act and The Act of Union which built the basis for our country. Between the years 1700 to 1850, there was a lot of conflict between the French and the British which led to border changes, British taking over most of the land and later on the British would create responsible government which resulted in setting the country up for Canada’s Confederation.

In 1713, the War of Spanish Succession ended with the peace of treaty of Utrecht that led to the Britains taking control of Acadia. The French were
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