The Importance Of Restorative Justice

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They have to make an effort to “set things right, and make amends for their violations.” (Maiese, 2003) They commit to serve their community with the crimes they have done. Communities have been impacted by the “repairing of healthy relationships that are between individuals and communities” (Maiese, 2003). that come in form of restitution or community work. The “restoration of healthy relationships that are between individuals and within the communities” (Maiese, 2003). Restorative justice makes efforts to compensate for the crime. In order to promote healing communities must know where the crimes are likely to take place and help offenders who have been harmed. It examines the causes of violence and crime. Offenders too have suffered harm…show more content…
It involves the community in the decision making process. The circle involves everyone from the victim and offender to the victim and offender’s family and helps with healing process and the power to understand conflict or action. “Reinforcing healing gives empowerment to the community and to be involved in deciding what is to be done in the case and to address the problems that may have led to the crime.” (Smith, 2003) Listening to others and sharing your part is what the circle is designed to show. Individuals share what their concerned about when they talk about the crime and they have to include the reason for why he or she perpetrated the crime. The Circle process “provides an opportunity to explain the impact the crime has emotionally and physically” (Smith, 2003). In the process individuals try to understand the offenses and the causes of the crime. Restorative Justice “shows respect to all parties- victims, offenders, justice colleagues” (Zehr, 41). Restorative justice demands that we value our enemies and the people who are not like us and respect them all. This commitment teaches us “of our interconnectedness but also of our differences. Respect insists that we balance concern for all parties. If we do no respect others, we will not do justice restoratively”
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